About Us

What we do

We sell a wide variety of fine high quality Sterling Silver Jewelry with genuine gem stones and handmade Jewelry.  We have developed a passion over the years for fine Jewelry and this passion has manifested in buying and selling Jewelry to other Jewelry lovers.  It brings us great satisfaction and happiness to offer you and your loved ones elegant pieces of Jewelry that mark special occasions in your life.  We love to help you cherish those moments with your loved ones through our high quality Sterling Silver products with a wide variety of genuine stones.  We always want you to look special and feel elegant.

What we offer

We offer a wide variety of Sterling Silver Bracelets, Rings, Pendants and earrings with precious and semi precious stones; Engagement Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets with Cubic Zirconia; Necklaces, Toe rings; Anklets; Fresh Water Pearls products, Man's Rings.